"A down to earth Church with a Heavenly Goal"

Old Beth-El General Baptist


Our Senior Ministry

Our Senior Ministry is the backbone of our Ministry here at Old Beth-El  General Baptist, One of our main objectives is to provide support group meetings 7 days a week for all diseases and disabilities  in the near future.
    Also Pastor Ray visits many nursing homes and hospitals all through the week visiting the sick and disabled to provide love and encouragement as well as any spiritual needs they may have.

In addition we schedule Worship Services if needed ,Bible Studies,Group Discussion and Activities. as well as any one on one time if needed or requested by any of the residents.

     Pastor Ray believes in accommodating each individual with teaching  at their own  pace. But the core of our Outreach Ministry is just sharing Love and Encouragement with all, just as Our LORD JESUS did. We believe that all Christians no matter what denomination need to work together to "Bring GOD back to our daily lives!"

    We also try to always recognize our Seniors in our Ministry throughout the year, by handing out flowers to all the female residents at many of these facilities on Mothers Day as well as the female employees to show that we appreciate their dedication to the care of our elderly. Also by providing lap pads or throw blankets to the residents in the fall & winter months,when our budget so allows.

So please help support our ministry and it's efforts in the community, every little bit helps so if you have a few dollars to help support our ministry please donate by clicking the donate button and remember every little bit helps  even as little as $5.00 a week or  what ever God puts on your heart is appreciated.
  Also if you have a preference to what area of our ministry you would like us to put your donation to work please let us know. 

               Thank you & God Bless You!