"A down to earth Church with a Heavenly Goal"

Old Beth-El General Baptist


Pastoral Care & Outreach

Pastoral Care & Outreach is the Core of our Ministry, It has been our main Goal to care for and Protect our Disabled and the elderly,      
  To share the Word of God and Love of JESUS with all who will hear it.
   We visit the Nursing facilities and Hospitals daily to Provide Love and Encouragement  to the residents. 

We Not Only Provide Visitation to the Residents in these facilities.

WE PROVIDE:  Spiritual Care, Bible Studies,Worship Services, Personal Prayer and Communion, and Family Restoration Counseling, as well as Activities and Projects to Encourage Creativeness and build self esteem.

  Our Services also Extend to the Employees in these facilities, We know that Their Spiritual well being will Determine their ability to Provide Loving Care and Protection to our Loved ones. 

    In Addition to Loving and Caring for our Elderly and Disabled residents in these facilities, We monitor their surroundings and the Care they are given. If there any concerns about conditions at the facility or the care that is Provided we make known our concerns to management to correct the situation, and if concerns are not addressed and corrected  we then contact the proper agency's to investigate and resolve the situation.

   Also we do many things through out the year, including Providing and delivering Blankets in the fall, That are hand made by the Women donating their time and Efforts to our Ministry. 
    We also deliver flowers to all the women in these facilities every Mothers Day. 
  In 2015 we delivered flowers to 1,125 women on Mothers Day many of whom were not remembered by family or friends on this Special day.

We are always looking for not only your support financially but for volunteers to join in the distribution of these flowers on Mothers Day. 

In 2018 our Goal is to Design and provide a Chapel in all the Facilities that will Give us the room. To design and set up a place where the  residents can Go and Spend time in Private with Our God, A place where they can just seek the presence of God in a Quiet Setting and enter into Prayer.
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   With the rising Cost of Building materials and Labor this project will be costly, However a very worthwhile cause.
     We all know someone that either Already resides in a facility or Someone that will end up residing in a facility in the Future and       IT Could Be You,! 
How important would a spiritual atmosphere be to you?

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