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Latest News !

HARVEST DINNER             October  Sat 21st   4-6 pm 
                            Come Join us for Dinner & Christian Fellowship
Bring a Dish to Pass   ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pastor Ray is starting new services for people who want to start going to church and feel intimidated walking in a big church  where they don't know anyone and cannot really understand whats being preached due to a lack of knowledge about Christian life or the life of JESUS. 
   These services are open to all of course. But Pastor Ray will be starting from the beginning of the Bible and teaching from Creation forward to Bring understanding to the Christian life and how it was formed. Also those attending will have an opportunity to privately write down any questions they have along with any Prayer request  and put them in a box and the following week they will be answered. This is to eliminate any anxiety about asking questions out loud and allow all to feel comfortable.
These services will be held on  --To Be Determined  based on when people sign up 
 Introduction will be on --TBD
Everyone welcome!

A Long time vision of our Pastor here at OLD BETH_EL GENERAL BAPTIST and our next Major Project is to open and Operate a Support Group Center, for all families of, and persons who are Afflicted with Disabilities and Diseases.   We need Your Support

React Foundation
Support Group Center

Our next Major Goal is to open a support group center for people suffering from all disabilities and diseases. Not a place where people meet to sit around and feel sorry for themselves and others, but in fact one where people can find true support  and education from others going through, or that have been through what they are experiencing for the first time. 
   Also where they can receive Education and Information on the disease which afflicts them, as well as resources to assist with treatment and aftercare services. Also we have great hope that all will  come and share with the group what things they have found that will help with the relief of symptoms and pain caused by their health issues.
   We look to help with resources such as Educational Information and Referrals to individuals and  agencies for Social Security/Disability Benefits , Health equipment & supplies, Care Facilities and available resources.

DID YOU KNOW?  If  all of us that are Blessed to have Nice Homes and Cars & luxury's that others don't would donate $10.00 a week to our ministry, Collectively it would make a big difference in the good works Our Ministry endeavors to do!!  If $10.00 a week is too much, surely we could give 10 or 20 a month!!  Please join our team of supporters to help us keep our ministry alive!!!

In 2017-18  let's Watch and Help  Old Beth-el General Baptist's   Ministry grow and standout in our community !

Share your Faith

Pastor Ray having a  license plate on the front of his Jeep 
that say's "BLESSED" was approached by a man who appeared to be troubled and the man asked "why are you Blessed?"  "how are you Blessed"  Pastor took a few minutes to talk with the man and after  Pastor Talking with him and giving him his card, the man appeared to be in a more peaceful state of mind and went his way!
I just want to say, you never know who you can help with just sharing our JESUS with them. And by putting your faith out there in the open you never know who will ask or approach you just because your faith invited them in and opened the door!!  

  So please be a Christian at all times and be proud of it, be available and conscious of people and their needs around you!  thanks and GOD BLESS. 

Also in addition to all that Pastor Ray does he has signed up to be a part of the  C.A.U.T.I.O.N Program  working with the State Police at crime scenes to help with victims and support the community. Our Pastor is dedicated all day every day to just doing Gods work!   That is a choice most of us cannot and would not make.     So PLEASE lets support him anyway we can!!!

Amounts as small as 5.00 to 10.00 a week can add up and make a big difference in the many lives that Pastor sees everyday, So please step up and give what you can to help keep this Ministry Alive and "BRING GOD BACK INTO OUR DAILY LIVES"   THANK YOU!

     Please Please  Support Our Ministry!! 

                      Thank you