"A down to earth Church with a Heavenly Goal"

Old Beth-El General Baptist



We Believe Your Tithes belong to your local Church, However any Offerings From You to Help Support  the many Areas and Goals of this Ministry are Greatly Needed and Appreciated!

Our Ministry in Motion Needs Gasoline  Daily to  Continue Our Visits! 
Pastor Ray drives many miles a day in this part of Our Ministry, Just to Visit the Sick and Disabled to Share the WORD OF GOD AND LOVE OF JESUS with them in an effort to just offer them Love and Encouragement.
 He Needs Our Support in order to continue to make his rounds, he has been doing this for many years now and what used to be a daily activity has been reduced to approx every other day due to the Limited  Funds to apply to Fuel cost. If you would like to Donate to the fuel cost you can do that by clicking the Donate button on Our Home Page or  @  www.keepingjesus.com . OR >>   If you would like to send Gas Cards you can send them to: 
Pastor Raymond V.    5380 Bangor Ave. Flushing Mi 48433

Our ministry reaches out far beyond our church !
  Our Pastor spends everyday going to Hospitals & Nursing Homes Visiting the residents. just to give Love and Encouragement to them, as well as attending to their Spiritual Needs, No matter what their Religion or beliefs may be, he will accommodate them the best he can. He reaches out to Our Community to help in many ways and has recently signed up to Join the State Police in their New C.A.U.T.I.O.N  PROGRAM  to be on call to go out to violent crime scenes to provide support to the victims in the Community, 1/03/14

Please reach down deep to help make a difference, Pastor Ray lives each day to do only Gods  work and making a Difference in our Community. He ask's nothing for himself , he is all about just living to Love and to make a difference, he never rest and takes calls day and night to just be there to help anyway he can, even just to talk someone through the rough times. 

  We Need Your Support  !!  What are you willing to give up to make a difference in another's life??
PLEASE STEP UP,and become a supporter of our Ministry this year and help us to stand out in Our Community of a Ministry that makes a Difference!